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Hi all, inexperienced when it comes to this but I need help and have a feeling it's an easy fix. I have a gas furnace and the pilot light has gone out when the heat clicks on about 5x the last month. The furnace continues to run, it just blows out cool air.

To fix it I would take a small piece of copper (from romex) and shove it in where the gray tubing goes that i circled in yellow. I shoved the copper where the tubing GOES, not inside the gray tubing as that was already cleared out.

From what I read online it seems a bad thermocouple could be the issue but most thermocouples I saw had copper tubing attached to it, and I do not see any copper tubing to anything in my furnace. So I was wondering if I needed to replace any of the pieces I circled in red (or if those are actually thermocouples themselves). Thank you guys for any help I appreciate it


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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