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Gas furnace help

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I have a 1901 Victorian with a old gas floor furnace. It has not been turned on in probably 3-4 years and looking to clean it out thoroughly and try to start it.

I'm looking for some advice on any parts I should replace or rebuild and also proper way to vent this thing. It's physically located on first floor of our two story home adjacent to a side entry door and near some windows.
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Those have not been legal for many years in my area.
I'd disconnect it, trash it and repair the floor.
Still legal and replaced with like in my area.

It need to be vented to a chimney.

Check thermopile, if its weak, replace it. nothing to rebuild on them.
Didnt they used to call these Hotspots? I remember these in a lot of older homes in NJ. They seemed to work real well. Cast Iron, right? I know they were nice to stand on to thaw out :laughing:
Illegal here too. Its either a wall furnace or a ducted system. Guess some municipalities are still using out dated codes.

We can't put horizontals in crawl spaces either...unless a whole bunch of conditions and structure alterations are met.

Cheaper to just instal a package unit and flex duct.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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