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I have a Kenmore 90 series gas dryer. I'm guessing about 8-10 yrs old. I bought it on Craigslist as a set but the dryer isn't really working. It will turn on and get hot but shuts off before the clothes are dry. When I first turn it on, I hear a grinding or moaning sound but it generally starts working. When it stops working mid-cycle, I hear 4 sets of 5 shorts beeps. Then it stops. If I don't turn it off, it will continue to try to work but never gets going. I hear a moaning sound of like a belt in a bind but it doesn't start moving again. Then when it gives up I again hear beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, 4 times.

I was thinking it might be an exhaust issue because where the exhaust exits the house is about 6' higher than where it exits the dryer but the dryer vent is clean all the way out and my last dryer exhausted just fine set up the same way.

I called the guy I bought it from and he said he's never had this problem before and honestly, I believe him and thought he was a straight shooter.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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thats not a model # find the data plate and get a model #
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