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Hi everyone,
We have a whiel Mclain gas fired boiler for our base-board heat. It has a fan driven exhaust of 3" Z pipe going thru the foundation extending outside 1 foot with a 90 degree pipe elbow turning it horizionly to the front of the landscaping.
Last winter the exhaust killed branches on two schrubs. I wish to have the pipe go up virtically up the wall out side with a rain cap. The wall I want to go up is a wall the narrows the house to the width of the garage. the roof on the wall slopes down to the right. Aproximently 3.5 to 4 feet to the left is the right angle wall that is the garage.there is a two foot sofet on that wall.
How high should I go,half way up the wall, to the edge of the roof.
Thank you for your trouble. Leejoy :huh:

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Extending the flue would not be a wise choice. Read the manufacturers installation guide. I would guess you have al29 stainless going directly out the side wall there are limits to the rise and run, the amount elbows and 45's you can use safely!

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Read teh install instructions. To see if your allowed to make all those alterations.
Too much flue pipe exposed outside will cause excess condensation.
And can end up giving you no heat. And frozen pipes in the house.
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