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gardening hose hardware

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not exactly sure what it is called or if they even make them, but I need one...

I am looking for a simple piece of hardware that will allow me to mount it to a flat surface, using 2 screws, and would connect directly to the loose end of the hose exactly like the other end attaches to the water source, allowing water to be directly put into a container through a wall or something similar...

here is a simple paint drawing of what I want...

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Do you want to mount the hose to a wall or to the container? Not quite clear what the supply path is that you want to accomplish from the bracket to the final destination.
There are fittings that you can use on barrels- like to collect rainwater in, etc. to connect a hose to. You drill a hole through the barrel, the fitting passes through with an inside (the barrel) and outside part that seals against the wall of the barrel. Check with hardware retailers.

You don't need any other screws to fasten it with.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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