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gardening hose hardware

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not exactly sure what it is called or if they even make them, but I need one...

I am looking for a simple piece of hardware that will allow me to mount it to a flat surface, using 2 screws, and would connect directly to the loose end of the hose exactly like the other end attaches to the water source, allowing water to be directly put into a container through a wall or something similar...

here is a simple paint drawing of what I want...

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sounds like you need a bulk-head or through wall fitting or tank fiiting. Basically you drill the appropriate size hole place the fitting in the hole and then a rubber washer and large nut is screwed on the other side to form a water tight seal. Then a pipe fitting can be threaded into either end.
Here is an example of one

Bulk Head
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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