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Garage Wall issue

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I have a detached garage and noticed on one side which is only about 2 feet has really come out of square and level. Any suggestions on what I can do to re level that small wall?
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Ayuh,..... I ain't gettin' a vision of what yer talkin' 'bout, can ya explain further,..??

What do ya mean, the wall is only 2',..?? high, wide,..??
its approx a 2' wide wall adjacent to the garage door.
post a photo.
How do I post a photo?
Ayuh,... Right at 2nd from the top of this forum is This,....

How to attach a photo
So am guessing that the wall is 24' or whatever long, and there is 2' of the wall beside a door that is the problem? Sounds like maybe someone forgot to anchor the bottom plate. Along with a picture, how old is the structure? Are the interior walls finished, or is it bare studs? If the walls are open, hopefully you will find evidence of the other walls being anchored, whether with straps that wrap over the bottom plates or bolts with nuts on top.
I am not getting how a short wall is moving by itself. Photo will help. Sure it's not an illusion or faulty siding?
Here is a picture of the garage wall section.

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It looks to me like the garage was built without a proper foundation, instead setting on what I'm guessing was an existing slab, and the slab is failing. That whole corner of the slab has broken free from the rest of it, and has moved toward the fence. I do not know what the answer might be short of raising the garage, breaking out the concrete, and pouring a foundation and floor. Can you post a picture of the floor at that corner from inside the garage? Along with this, I suspect that the garage was built without a permit, as that would not have passed inspection.
What can I do to get that wall straight? There is a foundation wall you just cant see it. That slab that is separated is more of just a small walkway. Not part of the garage.
Okay, that's good. Are the interior walls of the garage finished, or are the studs bare?
Okay, that's good too. There is a horizontal 2x4 that the bottoms of the studs are nailed to; this is a plate. Or there may be two plates if they laid a treated one on the concrete and then set the wall with a second plate on top of it. In order for the wall to not move, the plates need to be fastened to the concrete in some manner. So look along the plates throughout the garage, and see if you can find any evidence of the plates being anchored, such as metal straps, nuts, tapcons, etc. Then, once you know what they used, look at the section of wall that is loose to see if you find evidence of something missing or damaged. While you are looking, also use your pocket knife, a spike, or whatever, to poke at the plate, and see if it seems rotten. With the exterior slab sunk in that area, maybe there has been standing water over the years that has rotted the plate.
Yes there are some foundation bolts every couple feet or so. I don't see any damage in t hat small section of wall. Could it be just frost heave and settlement causing that wall to go out of level?
Check both sides of that two foot section for plumb. check the long wall for plumb. measure you top plate and bottom plate of the two foot section. If top plate is shorter or longer than bottom plate that will cause one or both sides of the wall to be out of plumb. Check your rafters do you have manufactured trusses or hand stacked roof if its hand stacked do you have proper rafter ties if not the rafters could be pushing the wall out. What is on the other side of the garage door as far as shear wall this small a wall if needed for shear value would need some serious hold down straps and probably sheathed on both sides with a 3 in on center nailing pattern on all plates studs and members. Do you have access to the original plans and engineering they will give you a better idea of what should be going on here.

if you can get a pic of the inside of the wall one from far, one close up of both the top and bottom plates. a pic of the entire front side of the house/garage, one of the truss system far and close up of the wall area.

Also need the exact length of the short wall from the corner to the garage.
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these are not manufactured trusses. What do you mean what is on other side?
these are not manufactured trusses. What do you mean what is on other side?
Ayuh,... Inside, the sole plate bolted to the foundation,...

The Structure of the wall,...
What can I do to get this part of the wall plumb?
What can I do to get this part of the wall plumb?
First you need to determine why it is out of plumb thats why i asked you to measure your plates length top and bottom. and for pics of the roof system inside. If you dont correct the problem and just re-level the wall it will like be pushed out of level again. Since you do not have manufactured trusses i would bet that you have a issue with either not having rafter tie or the rafter tie has detached from its holding position.

So to answer your question before we can tell you how to fix the problem we need more info.

Info needed.

  • length of short wall next to garage from the outside corner to the garage door
  • do you have hold down straps or bolts on the short wall next garage door. how many and spacing(they may be covered by the siding)
  • length of bottom plate of short wall
  • length of top plate of short wall
  • pic of roof/rafter system where the short wall is
  • measurement of inside garage width wall to wall at floor
  • measurement of inside garage width wall to wall at ceiling
  • are both sides of the garage door walls out of level or just one?
  • do you have rafter ties are they installed correctly
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