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Garage swing-door install: sill bolt problem

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I'm trying to put in a steel door next to the roll-up, and want to locate it in the center(the outer lines are drawn on wall).

The problem is that:
1) The door frame(on the right) would land on the existing sill bolt, unless I move the door over and cut out an "arch" for the jackstud(I hope that's the right term) to fit over it.
2) There would still be no sill bolt for the roll-up door side.

Are there any solutions to this?
Much thanks.
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Picture of the sill.


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Thanks Willie. That should do it exactly!

The garage, I assume, was "home built". Only half of the double header was resting on a single 2x4 stud at the corners etc.....
They did notch in 1x6's at 45deg angle in the studs to help keep the squareness though .

Probably setting myself up for an insider joke, but what is a "red-head" fastener?
Willie T- Much thanks to you (and the other pros) on this board!

I've been waiting a year and a half to have this door.
The spacing seemed to work out magically on all sides. Now there's almost solid wood all around the frame connected with 4inch deck screws, with about 1/8 inch left for adjustment.

There was not a sill anchor next to the rollup door, go figure. Wouldn't have mattered anyway because that part of the sill was rotted.

Tomorrow, I take the door out again and dig up the concrete for a trench drain. Thanks again.


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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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