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Garage storage, attaching to engineered beams

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This is my first post, I’m researching a project I’m doing and found the forum and it seems like a good place to get some answers. I’m making some storage area in my garage (a forum search reveals this to be a common topic) and I have some specific questions I need answers for.

First a quick over view of my design: I want to put up a shelf 2 feet deep running along most of the back wall of my garage and along one of the side walls. The wall edge of the shelf will be supported with a ledger board screwed into the wall studs and the opposite edge will be suspended from the ceiling/floor (there is a bonus room above the garage) joists with ½ inch black pipe attached with pipe flanges. I am attaching a picture that should illustrate the basic idea.

Does this design seem like it will work to hold about a 100 pound every few feet (that’s just a guess, I’ll be putting a bunch of totes up there and don’t think the load will actually be that high but to be on the safe side…)?

While putting together my supply list I was trying to decide what length of screw to use to attach the flanges to the ceiling and was going to go with #14 - 3” to be on the safe side but then remembered that the house was built using engineered wood I-beams. That brings up two questions, are the beam flanges thick enough to provide enough purchase to properly attach the pipe flange to carry the load and is it even safe to screw into the flange? What I’ve read about the beams states that the flanges should not get cut or notched but I know the sheetrock is screwed to the flange and the brackets supporting the garage door track and opener look like they are lag bolted into the ceiling as well. Should I use a 2” screw (5/8” sheet rock + 1 ¼” beam flange + ¼” pipe flange) since anything loner would just be in the air?

Last question (sorry, long post), the beams in the garage (20 feet wide x 40 feet deep) run from side to side, 12 inches on center, so the pipes suspending the shelf on the side of the garage would each be attached to a different beam. The pipes hanging the shelf along the back wall would all be attached to the same beam so would attaching the pipe flanges to a length of 2x4 perpendicular to and spanning a couple of beams distribute the load better, does it work that way?

Thanks in advance for any answers anyone can give.