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Hello all,

About to finally pour the slab on my "going on 4 months" garage project. Looking for a bit of advice on two items.

I will be pouring a slab inside the existing 10" stem wall perimeter that was poured 4 months ago. Stem wall extends to footers that are 48" below grade. Dimensions are 18' x 30'. Garage is framed, roofed and sided. I've decided on wire mesh sheets as opposed to 3/8" rebar. Availability was more at play in this choice than cost or strength.

Question #1:

I plan on putting in control joints, 1 down the center of the 18' dimension, and two on the 30' dimension. Are these needed on a slab with a frost wall? I've also heard of using metal drywall corner edging underneath the slab to form joints instead of troweling or cutting. Is this a viable option, or just a shoddy short cut?

Question #2:

I was planning on running my electric grounding wire along the rebar until I decided on wire mesh. Can I bond the ground to the mesh as well? If not, I can still drive in a couple grounding rods, I've just heard that a slab ground is preferable to driven rods.

Thanks in advance.
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