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garage roof done

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just wanted to share a few pics.
have no before shots or anything, sorry.

stripped the c himney side completely, lots of rot around the chimney and a few pieces up the rakes where there were overhanging branches. patched in a bunch of new t&g.

grace ice and water around the chimney, about 4 layers.
step flashing all around, then counter flashing chinked into the mortar. this took awhile and was pretty intimidating but i think i pulled it off well (it doesn't leak).
i bent all the copper by hand and with a hammer and various pieces of wood.
i rebuilt the cricket, then covered it with essentially two enormous pieces of step flashing extending up the roof deck.

i think i should probably just shingle over this area...

here she is:

a nice straight ridge:
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You did a beautiful job.

Did you install new mortar or a good caulking sealant inside the reglette joint prior to inserting the top copper hem into the joint?

You can also apply a bead of caulk to the exterior of the sheet metal to double the water migration protection and use a wet finger to shape it and trowel it in place nice and smooth and cantilevered to shed water.

thank you man. that's a huge compliment, especially coming from you.

i haven't sealed it in yet. right now they're held in place with little rolled up pieces of copper and kind of shimmed/jammed into the groove.

i've been trying to figure out if i should apply mortar over the groove, or just silicone; i guess i'll do the silicone based on what you just told me.

thanks a lot.
look closely at the top left corner of the middle piece of counter flashing. there are two or three of those in each piece.

so are you saying i can fasten nails or tapcons into a whole mortar joint a joint below where it slips in?

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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