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Garage opener bulbs

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I've had a Craftsman garage opener since I've owned the house which is about 5 years. The opener was new when we bought the house but ever since Ive always struggled to keep one of two bulbs working at a time. I started out with replacing the bulbs as needed but did some research and found that if you tighten a bulb into the socket too tight it can cause these types of issues.
Thought that would be the root of the cause but after attacking it with this solution in mind (pulling contact out a bit, only screwing in til light goes on and then a quarter turn more, done) BUT THAT DIDN'T WORK EITHER.
I'm at my wit's end with these bulbs going out, coming back on, etc.
I'm thinking it's related to the movement of the garage door opening and closing because I'll open door and #1 bulb is out while #2 is on. They'll stay that way while door is open.
Then next day, just the opposite situation.
PLEASE someone give me an idea of how I can get these lightbulbs to work the way they're supposed to.
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Not too uncommon of a problem. Vibration is one of the biggest culprits with these issues. I switched to CFL lamps and seems to have eliminated the issue. There is no element in the CFL's to rattle around when the garage door opens and closes. But you mentioned that the bulbs go off and on....any possibility there is a loose connection?
After my Craftsman opener cheap plastic bulb holder broke, I took some Romex, a Porcelain fixture on a 4x4 junction box, & wired off to the side of it, so that I would have a light when the door opened. Stopped having to worry about the fixture not working, and bulbs breaking.
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