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Hey all,

My home was built in 1998 and we bought in 2010. All my neighbors have that chalky, perfectly smooth concrete floor in their garages. But mine, however, is really rough. It looks like something was laid on it when it was still wet concrete, then pulled off. You can see strange patterns in it. It's also quite chunky. Also, when I clean the garage or blow it out, I'd swear concrete dust comes up from it, like weaker parts are slowly grinding away under feet, cars and riding mower weight, leaving tiny mountains of stronger stuff/rocks of concrete.

In my previous home, I put that Rustoleam painted floor stuff down with the specks. That's amazing stuff I highly recommend.

However - I cannot do that with the rough current state of my garage floor.

Is there anything I can do myself to smooth it, so then I can paint it? Or do I need to hire somebody? Perhaps there is a product that will smooth the roughness and put a finish on it as the same time?
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