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Hi there! Newbie here, in South TX. We recently redid our garage that was originally built in the 80's. We've discovered some interesting things during this project that is not typically what you see in a new construction build these days. One being, at the bottom perimeter of our garage (only areas not sharing a wall with the home) there is no concrete, only wood framing. The photos show the area at the entrance to the home from the garage and there is concrete beneath that. Then you can see where it stops in the next photo and is the wood framing that is exposed. I am wondering if we decided to epoxy the garage floor how we would epoxy the wood sides. A friend who is a painter recommended we put 2 coats of oil based paint on the wood and then we can epoxy over it. But, I wanted to hop on here and see if anyone else has had this issue? Would we be able to add some sort of brick or concrete over that wood for sealing purposes without having to remove the drywall? We just put the drywall up and I am kicking myself for not thinking about this part prior. But if it comes down to it we may just not do the epoxy floors but I would still like to seal it somehow for weather purposes.

Also, we have a table top water heater on the ground (attached photo) that is the only thing I was thinking about leaving and putting epoxy around it/taping it off somehow. Would you recommend this? I have seem some instances where people do this but not sure if it would have its downfalls.

Also, what would you recommend for sealing the drywall at the bottom? Caulk?

Thanks in advance!



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