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I am researching for making garage floor with interlocking tiles which has rubber padding. This floor is for Indian classical dance where tiles should absorb some shock .
Currently I have cement garage floor , but its very hard and when feets are stomped on it for dance, it kind of hard on legs and its not good for knees.
I cant use carpet or any soft stuff.I will be happy if some one can suggest such a product.


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I think you are on the right track with rubber over concrete for a dance floor. I am not sure that interlocking would be the way to go though. Seems to me little toes could get caught in the joints or something. Why not go seamless like they use for kid gymnasiums and I have specified for pool decks and even urban playgrounds over the years.

You can get REALLY NICE looking rubber floors in whatever color and thickness, and density appropriate to your situation by the way. Obviously you do not want the floor so spongy that it, itself, cause injuries to dancers?

Last dance studio I was asked to spec a floor for was different but involved laying down cork over the concrete and an engineered bamboo over the top. It was a tippy toe ballet place though.

The martial arts studio above my fave clients special restoration has traditional matts over a solid four inch maple floor that used to be a roller skating rink. I here a lot of thumping around when I visit but do not see a lot of injuries walking out the door.
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