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Garage feeder junction box bonding

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Whether it is required or not, I would like to bond my 8x8 metal junction box in the house which is part of the run for the detatched garage feeder cable. On the hole where the feeder goes out through the wall, the junction box is lock nutted to rigid metal. On the hole in the junction box that is going to the panel, PVC conduit is used. I will be running a #8 ground conductor with the feeders. The outside conduit also has 3 #14 conductors for a 3-way switch which splice to 14-3 NM inside the junction box.

I want to bond the junction box using the #8 wire going through a ground lug I will install. Is it allowed to also put the ground from the 14-3 into the same lug? Or would I have to install a second ground lug for the smaller ground wire?

I assume I can't break the #8 to make a pigtail, plus I don't have big enough wirenuts on hand to accomodate 3 #8+ 1 #14.