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Garage Door Won't open

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I closed my manuel garage, no garage door opener, door last night and it wouldnt shut so I slammed it down. Well it sounds like the cables lifting the latch on each side of the door broke so now the door will not open. The handle just turns around and around and I can hear the cables moving around. In my quest to fix this myself I ran into this site. How do I get the locking latch on each side of the garage to open so I can lift the door. The springs and pulley seem to be attached. I just need to know how to lift the locking latch on each side of the door so I can get into the garage. HELP!!!
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Yes, thats my only means of entering the garage. Thats what I was trying to explain, the locking pins on both sides are stopping it from opening. Turning the handle would lift these but the cable is broken from the inside. I was hoping there was a way to lift these so i can open the door.
So is the only way to cut the door to enter it. I tried looking through the sides of the garage seeing if I can push the locking pins forward but I cant even find them.
I got it open after a couple of hours of using a pry bar. I tripped the one locking latch on one side and knocked out a rolling wheel on one side, enough where I could put my hand in and trip the other locking latch. Thanks everyone for there help, this site is great. Lots of knowledge here, thanks!!!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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