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Garage Door Opener

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Good evening everyone!

I've been trying to install my own Genie, garage door opener.
Everything went smoth untill the wiring stage.

Just a little background, I Own a home built by KB Homes and a garage door opener was never installed on this home the only thing that was done was pre wire, hopefully the pre wire was done right. Attached are a few pictures.
I'm pretty lost with the wires and how they were installed.

I'm not sure why I have two wires on the left side of the garage. And I'm not sure what's going on with the long wire right next to the "machine/motor" it's just one whole piece, wasn't it supposed to have an end there, to attach on to the machine?


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The loop will need to be cut in the centre to do some testing with a multimeter to confirm which cable is which. My hunch is there is one cable that runs from the door sensor location on the right side to the door sensor location on the left side (it looks like it might be surface mounted). The looped cable runs from the door sensor location on the left side to the door opener location then terminates beside the person door between the garage and house. If they didn’t leave you a clue where that is, it would make sense to be on the door handle side of the door, but some exploratory surgery behind the drywall may be required to find the wire.

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