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garage door opener

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I have an old Touch N Go model 100 motor that has a Liftmaster Security + wired into it. I do not have the remotes and would like something that would work. I have tried a Liftmaster 371LM with no luck
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Do you have some pics of what you have now? Frequency of remotes must match frequency of the receiver. The receiver should have a frequency number listed on it.
Mike Hawkins:smile:
The 371LM is listed as being compatible with the Security +.

How are you programming it?
Why don't you call a garage door company or LiftMaster and ask them what new remotes will work with your opener?
I assume the Liftmaster is an add on unit to the GDO. Is the Liftmaster output connected to the same terminals as the wall push button?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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