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Garage Door opener that rides on the rail

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Hello help, Several months ago I help my friend move from his old apartment and his landlord had a garage door opener that rode on the rail instead of the typical one that hangs from the ceiling. Now I bought an older house that needs one and there isnt any clearance on the ceiling to hang a typical one. If I would of known then I would of wrote down the manufacturer's name. Does anyone have an idea of the type I need or one I can use. There is about three inches above the garage door when it is up, so any suggestions would help. I figured the electrical forum would have an idea on what to install. Thanks, Jim
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Here is a write-up on the different types of Garage doors:

An Electric door opener is available for most newer type doors. For your particular situation you need to talk with a local Garage Door Company that can advise you on what options are possible.
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