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Garage door opener problem

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I have a Chamberlain Whisper Drive garage door opener. The sensors are malfunctioning. The one with the yellow light is solid like it should be. But no matter what I do, I can't get the green light to stay lit. At best, there is a barely noticeable flicker that still prevents the door from closing.

The door doesn't move when I use the remotes. When I use the wired controller, the door starts to close but immediately reverses. To close the door, I have to hold the wired button until the door is closed. THis doesn't work with the remotes.

Strange thing is, there has been a few periods, of three or four days, where the door was working fine. Once, it worked with no problems for 3 days, then stopped working. I looked at the sensor and the green light was completely out.
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Garage door opener wiring

Same thing happened to me a couple years ago.It was the sensor wiring loose at the terminal board,check that.Could be the sensors also,call the company and see what they suggest. Did you check the adjustment on the sensors?Might be off enough to not get a solid signal.
Garage door opener wiring

Did you check the wiring at the terminal board[on the opener]?The wire for the green sensor could of come loose. Yes,the sensor could of failed.
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