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Garage Door Opener Broke

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Our garage door opener suddenly failed. Lift Master brand. When you press the button (or remote) the light comes on but the head unit just hums. Almost like the gears are siezed.

I took the chain off the drive sprocket. No change in the situation. The door itself works fine when disconnected.

I used a channel locks on the sprocket to try to unstick the gears but there is no play there.

We have two standard size garage doors each with a separate opener. The units are likely original to the house (1989).

I had to replace the plastic gear sets in both shortly after we bought in 2000 after they both stripped within 6 months of each other, but that failure caused the motor to run but not move anything.

Now it seems the motor is trying to move the door but facing insurmountable load. (Again, note it is the same with the chain off the sprocket.)

Any thoughts?

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It has all the safety features (eyes and reversing). I guess I'm undecided if I want to tear it down (again) or just replace it. The gears weren't too bad to do, just not sure it's worth it on a 22 year old unit. And yes, parts availablity may force my hand.
OK, here with the post-game wrap-up...

I took down the head unit and opened it up.

The gears look fine; no significant wear or missing sections. (Last time I had to replace the gears there was a large amount of plastic "snow flakes" from the stripped gears inside the housing.) So...not seized gears. I was hoping this was the case as Sears has the parts and the set is $25. But, no such luck for me...

There is a shaft off the back of the moter and a resolver off of the other end of the motor shaft. Both can be used to freely spin the motor. So...not frozen motor bearings.

When I spin the motor, the limit switch shafts also move appropriately, so that's not it either.

Anyway, end of troubleshooting for me. Bad capacitor? Bad circuit board? Bad motor windings/bushings/rotors/???

No idea. But it's not worth my time at this point.

However, maybe someday, someone using the search function may someday find this helpful!

Stay tuned for a new thread on selecting a new unit.

Iowa mrfixit; Thanks for the link; I am definately considering it. Your advice welcom in new thread tomorrow!
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