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Garage Door Opener Broke

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Our garage door opener suddenly failed. Lift Master brand. When you press the button (or remote) the light comes on but the head unit just hums. Almost like the gears are siezed.

I took the chain off the drive sprocket. No change in the situation. The door itself works fine when disconnected.

I used a channel locks on the sprocket to try to unstick the gears but there is no play there.

We have two standard size garage doors each with a separate opener. The units are likely original to the house (1989).

I had to replace the plastic gear sets in both shortly after we bought in 2000 after they both stripped within 6 months of each other, but that failure caused the motor to run but not move anything.

Now it seems the motor is trying to move the door but facing insurmountable load. (Again, note it is the same with the chain off the sprocket.)

Any thoughts?

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Chamberlain actually builds your liftmaster opener, they also are branded as sears, chamberlain, master mechanic, do it best and probably a few others.
Actually very little has changed in the chamberlain openers other than the electronics. Finding parts should not be much of an issue. The most common problems with these units are the plastic gears and the bearings on the sprocket shaft. Usually due to an over tight chain, I have seen the bearings worn so badly that the sprocket shaft gets cut deeply or even sheared off. The sprocket shaft, bearings and gears are readily available, if the problem is more serious than that I would replace the whole opener. It is possibly due for the above mentioned parts anyway, any further problems only adds on to the tab.

Doesn't make sense to put very much money in something 20 yrs old when you can get a complete new opener for $160 with modern and more secure code technology, modern safety features, more compact remotes that reach greater distance and even keyless entry. Chamberlain/sears chain or belt drive openers are a good choice and the only one I ever recommend.
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