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Garage door is a metal sectional roll up door in a concrete structure. Floor walls and ceiling are below grade in a concrete Condo building where each unit has their own two car garage opening out to a common area that is open to the street via a common ramp. On cold nights the winds howl through a poorly fitting garage door.

How to insulate around the top, sides, & bottom of the 16ft roll up door?
From the outside the 16' garage door has no visible gaps except at the angeled bottom where there is a swale in the concrete floor that leaves a 2 ½” gap at the center. The sides and top have a 1 to 1 ½” gap at a right angle to the opening.

Rubber strips cannot be nailed to the metal door or to the concrete. Any Ideas without nailing?


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They sell perimeter weatherstripping for garages. Stores like Home Depot have them. They are a wood textured 1x3" polyboard with a rubber gasketing material attached. You nail it to the exterior frame to seal out the weather. You might need to adjust the top rollers to get the door closer to the frame. If the top rollers on yours are not adjustable, you can pick up replacements and switch them over.
For the bottom, contact the door manufacturer and see if they sell an oversized gasket for the lower section.
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