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Garage door help please

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Hi all, my garage door suddently stopped closing. It goes about a foot then starts backing up. I checked the sensors and one is green and other is steady red, exactly how it's been when it worked. I tried manually closing and it closes with ease. Any idea what is causing this. I also tried disconnecting the sensors and still does same thing
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Start with troubleshooting the eyes and then the Microswitches and down force setting.

Regardless of the LED's on thr sensors, that just means that thry see each other.

Part of thr troubleshooting for Sensors is to unhook them and use a section of wire to connect them up at the opener to see what happens.
Tried everything and nothing
Try adjusting the down pressure.
It helps to know the mfg. and model number, since some units flash a code what the problem is. Make sure that the sensors are at least 5" to 6" from the floor. Also if it stays closed when holding the button in the garage, sensors or micro-switches.

Down force does need to be adjusted for Winter and Spring/Summer, since when it is colder the rails can warm, same as when it is warmer. I turn my down force to the middle or just past to light then test. If the door goes down and back up, I turn the adjustment a little at a time, until it stays closed. Just remember that more force, means that the door may not go back up if it has an object in the way.

The only other thing that can cause this, would be bad springs.

See item number 5.
I had a garage company replace the springs in January. The system looks like this


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I've tried everything you guys mentioned and nothing worked. Still moves about a foot and comes back. I tried to hook up a loose wire to the sensor screw and nothing also.
ok, I don't know what i did but now it opens and closes. When it closes it looks like to much pressure and opens back up. Which do I have to adjust?
ok, I don't know what i did but now it opens and closes. When it closes it looks like to much pressure and opens back up. Which do I have to adjust?
We have already stated what needs done. If the company that installed the new Torsion springs did not properly adjust up and down force on the unit, call them and tell them that they never finished the job and get back over there to adjust the up and down force settings on the motor unit.
Sounds ok,e you've been turning the wrong adjustment screws and you're not really aware of how they work. The screws in the arc-shaped slots control the door travel limits. One tells the door when to stop when it goes down, the ore when it goes up. If the down limit is set to let the door travel too far, the door hits, wants to keep going but can't, so it auto reverses. The vertical row of buttons to the right of the arc slots control open force, close force, learn code. It would be better to have someone local that is familiar with openers to stop by and set the various adjustments. It only takes a few minutes.
As far as the company that replaced the springs goes, if the springs are the correct weight for the door, and the opener worked properly before hand, they wouldn't necessarily readjust the open or close force. They should make sure the door travels up and down correctly before they leave. I usually cycle the door 4 or 5 times after installing new springs. I am checking to make sure the door seats as best it can. I also check to see where the door stops in the up position. Many times they travel too far, to the point where you're not gaining any additional clearance underneath, but you are taking more tension off the springs and possibly causing a bit of slack in the cables.
Mike Hawkins
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