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I am in California and currently have a detached gargage measuring 17'X20' that I would like to modify to add attic space for storage. The garage was built with the house in the 1950's and currently has no ceiling structure. It just has a couple of long 2x4's along the 17' stretch and a few 1x6's(laying flat) running diagonally. Other than that I can look right up at the roof rafters which measure 16" on center.

I really need to create some out of the way storage space, and was thinking about building some attic or storage space above. Here are some specs:

Total garage dims - 17'wide X 20'deep
The roof is 4 sided with the longest roof rafter a 5' from ridge to wall on the 17'width side.
Max inside roof height at the ridge 12'10"

I know the spans are somewhat long so I was thinking I would probably need to run a beam across the center of the 17' section, then tieing 2x's into that 16" on center using Simpson joist hangers. I plan on storing boxes with christmas stuff and the like. I may even need to crawl up there on occasion (I am 250lbs) Here are my questions:

Is this a good idea?
What size and type of beam would suffice?
What size 2x's would be needed to tie into the beam?
Are there better ways of doing this?

I am in So Cal so no snow problems here.

Thank you all greatly in advace. This were definately get the wifey off my back. For a while anyways :laughing:

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