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Garage Attic Lift

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Would like to install some kind of lift pulley system to aid in moving light storage to my attic. Already has a floor and the trusses can withstand up to 25 lbs psf on the bottom cord. How do I determine how much the upper 2x4 joists of the trusses can handle. Would like to put a cross brace across 2 of the trusses to support the weight of the lift pulley. Thanks for the help. :wallbash:
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IF it were ours, i'd build an a-frame w/the angle beams attached to the lifting point crossbar top directing the static/dyamic load down to the attic floor & spreaders under the angle beams,,, i'm NOT a fan of placing ANY load on the top of the truss
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Thanks for the help. So something like an "A" frame with a cross beam sitting over the opening in the attic floor and attached to the floor with the pulley on the "A" frame cross beam. And nothing on the upper truss members.
obviously its your house but, in mine, i'd only use the top chord for lateral stabilization should the load swing,,, far as attaching the ' A ' to the attic floor, its only important to spread the load over several btm truss chords,,, footing the ' A ' btm in a formed pocket would work too,,, i'd cut a detent in the crosspiece ( bolt together more than 1 piece depending on anticipated load ) & place a short section of chain ( sufficient for 2x anticipated load ) bolted into 1 piece,,, but that's just me :yes: i sometimes wear a belt AND suspenders, too
Thanks itsreallyconc, I really appreciate the help.
The Attic Lift

There's always this.
Attic Lift

Thanks Missouri, I'll check it out.
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