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Gaps in vinyl floor planks

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Does anyone know if there is a way to disguise some of the gaps in this vinyl plank flooring we just put in our basement bathroom. It's the peel stick kind... The concrete floor was uneven and my husband did the best he could but we're trying to make everything look as nice as possible before we put it on the market. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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Little late for that now, it needed to be installed tight as it was being laid.
That stuffs a royal pain to work with, tricky to get it lined up with both edges when installing.
I ended up on a few pieces having to use a hair dryer to soften up the glue enough to get them tight, but once it's all laid it's to late to go back and fix.
Any caulking or filler is going to stick out.
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That's what I was afraid of! Oh well , thank you!
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