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Fuse box with switch extension

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I have this fuse box with switch connecting my roof attic fan. Please see attachment for info.

This fuse box with switch is in my garage and is at height where i have to use ladder to turn it on or off if i want to do it manually. Attic fan is control by thermostat but i want to control it myself rather than turning it on/off automatically. With that said, how can i extend this whole box or just a switch at normal height? As you see in picture, i can't pull the wire which is going in drywall any further down to move that entire box at acceptable height however there is a junction box right below this switch if that can can help you to come up with some idea.

Appreciate all your help.



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remove that switch box and put a 4x4 or 6x6 junction box where that is,

then just extend those wires down from the new junction box to wherever you want to mount the switch/fuse box,

so you will have 4 wires going into the new junction box, the 2 existing ones that are there, and two new ones going to your switch box

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