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Furring strips vertical siding

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I am almost to the siding portion of my extension project. I am thinking of using James Hardie fiber cement vertical panels unless I come across a product that might be easier to cut. I don't want to use T 1-11. For the drain plain, I was thinking of installing 3/8" plywood furring strips OC studs vertically (OSB and house wrap already in place) to assist with moisture drainage. Watching many videos and reading info online, I see many installations where the panel is secured directly over the house wrap with no gap (no furring). I live in coastal Virginia and consider it to be an average rain fall area. Does anyone have any pros and or cons for using furring strips? Also, any experience with using a different vertical panel other then Hardie board that I should consider? Thanks..
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What there now for siding?
Tell us what's there now from the inside out.
Posting a picture of the house would be a big help.
Never seen a need for a drain plain when installing it over sheathing.
Not a fan of Hardie panels at all for several reasons.
Just trying to get is loaded and delivered without damage is a challenge.
Once it on the wall it's stronger but one hit with a baseball, rock from a mower it's trashed.
Going to need to buy a real siding nailer to install it.
Needs a special saw blade to cut it, have to preseal all cuts.
Makes no since to me to change the type of siding there.
I'd be remove that molding and some of the vinyl siding adding an outside corner and tie it all back in so it does not look like an addition.
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