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I've read the Trane XV95 manual and a bunch of threads on this but I'm still unsure if I need a jumper from Y - O when the cooling delay is set to Comfort-R. The only mention of this in the manual is in a paragraph about the B/K jumper and an optional humidistat.

1 - Should I place a jumper between Y - O if the cooling delay is set to Comfort-R even if I don't have a thermostat that has humidity control functions?

2 - Does Comfort-R setting only affect fan speed in cooling mode?

3 - The factory B/K Jumper has not been cut. I assume since my thermostat does not have humidity control functionality, that I leave this intact. Is this correct?

Equipment / Settings / Info :
Location = Minneapolis, MN
Trane XV95 60,000 BTU Furnace TUH2B060A9V3BA
Trane XR13 A/C
Aprilaire 600 humidifier (with Model 60 automatic humidity control)
Honeywell T9 Thermostat
Staging delay set to 10 minutes (I have the thermostat wired to W1 and W2 to have it control the staging rather than just the furnace delay setting.)
Heat Off Delay = 100
Heating airflow = 675/1012
Cooling Airflow = 400 CFM/ton
Cooling Delay = Comfort-R
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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