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So this year we decided to run our wood stove for the first time. I cut some holes in the floor it works great. The thermostat in the house is set to like 64 or 63.It is a split level house and the woodstove is in the basement. So my question is I have the furnace on but the woodstove will get the house to like 67-69 degrees but the furnace will still come on. I have an oil furnace with forced hot water. It's not circulating the water through the pipes to heat the house because its above temperature. So I dont understand why it comes on. I am trying to use to woodstove so my furnace doesnt have to come on.

My thought was the water heater but during the summer I shut the furnace off and the hot water heater still works off electric. So come winter all I did was flick the furnace back on, didnt adjust and valves or anything. So I dont think its kicking on to keep the hot water heater warm.

So I could use some help to figure out why it is coming on. I dont know much about it I have only owned a home for 2.5 years so everything may be normal. It doesnt kick on all the time so its not constantly kicking on but more than i would think when the house is above the thermostat tempterature I set.

Thanks for your help. I can get pictures of my set up if it helps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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