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Furnace replacement and conversion from propane to NG.

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I have a property with a 35 year old GFA furnace that needs replacing. I have been offered a cheap used Bryant 95% efficiency furnace that was used for two years and then replaced with a geothermal system. The Byant unit was converted to propane and the owner does not have the original natural gas parts.

How easy would the conversion back from propane to natural gas be and how much would you expect the conversion and installtion to be from a HVAC shop? Is this worth undertaking?
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You may find a company to convert & install it for you.i would't from past experence I have had installing someone elses equipment.I just will not do it anymore. Too much trouble getting cust to pay when the equip. doesn't work after the install
Good luck though
It can be as simple as springs and orifices, or orifices and a new gas valve, depending on the model of furnace. Probably the former, but make sure and have a pro involved to set the pressure correctly.

You got a cheap furnace, don't make the mistake of being cheap to get it to operate in your home. Think safety first, comfort second and economy last. (in this case anyway).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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