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furnace pilot light

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I have a older mobile home with the furnace in back accessed by a removable panel .It has worked great for the last three years and worked fine all winter . We live in Reno , NV . Two days ago we hade a bad wind storm (50 mph and up ) and it blew out my pilot light . Now it won't relight . I changed out the thermo coupler but no good . It is an Armstrong built in the 70,s . any advice or help would be greatly needed . We are retired and can't spend a lot of money . Thank You, Jim .
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I did all that . When I depress pilot button and light I get good flame , all blue no yellow but as soon as I start to release flam goes out . Also did a continuity and voltage check on both the old and new thermocouple , both are working so I reinstalled the old one in case the new one just wasn't a good match . I held the button for well over a minute till the thermos was cherry red . still no luck . Jim .
Will have to take a second mortgage to do that . But why would the gas valve go out just because the wind blew out the pilot ?
Thank you all ! Some good ideas . I will check electrical connections in case the wind did more than blow out the pilot .any other ideas more than welcome ! Jim .
Retired , living on a small pension and SSI .A new furnace is not in the near future . But thanks :smile: Jim
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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