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furnace pilot light

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I have a older mobile home with the furnace in back accessed by a removable panel .It has worked great for the last three years and worked fine all winter . We live in Reno , NV . Two days ago we hade a bad wind storm (50 mph and up ) and it blew out my pilot light . Now it won't relight . I changed out the thermo coupler but no good . It is an Armstrong built in the 70,s . any advice or help would be greatly needed . We are retired and can't spend a lot of money . Thank You, Jim .
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If your thermocouple is turning cherry red both the old one and the new one and the pilot lights but goes out when you let go of the button I would suspect a bad gas valve. If it's the furnace I think it is it has a metal door over the gas valve? That's a very easy gas valve to change. Instead of trying to get a gas valve to match the model number of the furnace I would try to get a gas valve by matching the model number of the gas valve itself. Might save you a few dollars that way. That burner is pretty old make sure that none of it has rusted away before you spend money on a gas valve. I would tell you to check the heat exchanger also but I don't think you can see any of it on that furnace. If the wind blew out the flame make sure your cap is in good shape on the roof also. Be safe
JimL64 said:
Will have to take a second mortgage to do that . But why would the gas valve go out just because the wind blew out the pilot ?
when the pilot went off the safety did its job and shut off the gas. Now you can't get the safety to open back up. That's why the valve is bad (I suspect). That is generally when a valve will fail in my opinion.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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