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furnace pilot light

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I have a older mobile home with the furnace in back accessed by a removable panel .It has worked great for the last three years and worked fine all winter . We live in Reno , NV . Two days ago we hade a bad wind storm (50 mph and up ) and it blew out my pilot light . Now it won't relight . I changed out the thermo coupler but no good . It is an Armstrong built in the 70,s . any advice or help would be greatly needed . We are retired and can't spend a lot of money . Thank You, Jim .
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This answer makes some gas fitters nervous but I've freed up many older pilot electromagnets that would not otherwise re-engage by...

..repeating the pilot igniting sequence again and when that thermocouple is cherry red again and while you are still holding down the gas valve control... rap the metal side of the gas valve closest to the pilot tube with the plastic handle of a screwdriver a couple of times. Don't hit any plastic on that valve or the pilot tube itself.
Often the shock, in conjunction with the pulling coil, is enough to get the pilot solenoid to free itself again.

If the pilot doesn't stay on after trying probably have an internal electrical fault in the coil and you should a get pro out to replace that valve.
Ask him if he can visually scope out the exchanger first to see if this repair is worthwhile or not. Unfortunately, the testing out the integrity of an exchanger often requires a working gas valve in order to do a CO plenum test or a O2 vent gas change with the fan coming on.
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