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We have a Frigidaire G6RC120C-20 furnace. It has an electric air cleaner that is separate from the furnace (looks archaic!) After cleaning it once, we realized how unrealistic it is to keep it. (It doesn't fit in our tub, and I'm not spending time outside in the winder scrubbing it!)

Unfortunately, the filter is now stuck in the mechanism so we can't just start using a retrofit disposable.

What are our other options? Should there be a spot in the furnace itself that we can just start using a disposable filter? If so, do we need to have the electric air cleaner actually removed?

One other question - how would you recommend I find someone who can replace some of our duct work? I'm having the hardest time. Thanks!


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Yank a little harder on those elements,they need to come out of there.
Then just find a big cartridge filter to replace it with :)
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