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Here is a photo of my furnace exhaust and intake running out the wall.

My problem is that this morning I went to turn my furnace up to start doing some work in the area and as my furnace warmed up I could hear a sloshing sound in the exhaust (left side in photo) pipe. Similar to if you push water around in the bath tub or gentle waves on a beach or lake.

Once the furnace gets going the sound stops.

I then went outside and could see some condensation hanging on the inside of the exhaust pipe. Which makes sense as it pumps out hot exhaust air and it winter here.

I then looked at the exhaust pipe inside. And noticed that between the furnace and the wall exit it dips and then rises. Or maybe just rises.

At the furnace side the the exhaust pipe is 2" above the bottom of the joists.

At the wall side the exhaust pipe is 5" above the bottom of the joists meaning my exhaust pipe is effectively sloping back towards my furnace.

Here is a short .mp3 format recording of the exhaust pipe I made with my laptop: you can clearly hear the sloshing in it.

This furnace has passed inspection but I cant imagine that having a exhaust pipe building up with condensation is good in any way.

How big of a deal is this.

I will be calling the people who did the furnace.

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