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Furnace chimney: rain cap

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I was on a business trip this week when my wife called me and said a piece of the chimney fell because of the wind....
Here is a picture of the chimney that was taken 3 years ago during the inspection when we purchased the house (yeah I know, it was apparently in bad shape already) and a picture of what she found on the ground
I came back late yesterday and left early this moinring, so I could not see what was left attached on the chimney
However, it will have to be fixed

Is this a “basic” rain cap, or I have to be careful and put the right thing since it’s on top of the furnace chimney (I wouldn’t want to have monoxide issue or something like that)
Could it be replaced by something like this:"+to+7"+rain+cap
(Hoping my current chimney is not more than 7"...)

I don’t have a long ladder, so I will have to buy one, borrow one or hire somebody to do that job: How should it cost to have it fixed by a professional?



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