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Funny... boost your HP output!

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The wife wanted to roast marshmallows so I set up a little log near the condenser (it was running at the time)

Noticed the flame was leaning into the condenser a little. Just out of curiosity I went in to check the delta temperature.
I raised it almost 3 degrees with that little flame!

Fire Flame Heat Campfire Bonfire

Heat Flame Fire Hearth Fireplace

Heat Flame Fire Hearth Room
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What's the BTU/hr output of this log vs the increase of btu input into the house.

The efficiency of this booster is likely very low.

3 x 1600cfm for 4 ton x 1.08 = 5184 btu/hr

I'm estimating that this log puts out 15000-30 000 btu/hr based on the size of this flame.

Go back to the drawing board. :devil3:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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