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Full Tile Bath Remod Question

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I am in the beginning stages of a full bath remod where I am going to tile all the floor as well as tile all the walls from floor to ceiling. I will be doing all the corners of the walls and the wall to floor transitions with schluter cove transitions.

This eliminates baseboards from the room which is what I want but the one thing I can't figure out is how to trim out the door frame. Most bathrooms will just use the same trim as the baseboards but I think it would look out of place if I had the only trim in the room going around the door.

I have seen many nice pictures of modern/contemporary bathrooms with full tile walls but I can't find a single one pointed the other direction that shows the door and trim detail leading out around the door. Should I just tile to the edge of the door frame and just leave an 1/8 reveal like I would do with wood? Should I use a schluter profile that overlaps the door frame? All my walls are going to be 1/2 kerdi board with tile, no drywall.
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I would personally trim the door. Paint it a color to blend in with the tile you're choosing. What are you doing about the window(s)?
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