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Hello All,
I have for sale the following.

SATA 5000b RP Digital 1.3 automotive spray gun, like new condition, asking $600.00 OBO. It is warrantied to 12-17-2022. Price includes shipping within CONUS.

This is a precision and high end spray gun. It has only been used for a few projects and is in like new or near pristine condition. There is a couple of very minor scuff marks to be noted but absolutely minuscule. I had SATA service the gun prior to offering it for sale. It has a new distribution ring and they replaced one gasket (all routine).

Buyer must be able to provide feedback and I will do the same. The images provided are of our BMW and Cadillac. I painted the bumper and hood on the BMW and the hood and roof on the Caddy. This is the best gun I have ever used for automotive painting.

God Bless,


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