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Hey everyone!

I'm in the process of transforming our den into a room to house a very large aquarium and all of its additional equipment. Needless to say, I need to protect the room (and the rest of the house down the road) from the moisture that comes with this project.

I've heard very good things about FRP, but have questions about it in regards to the remodel aspect versus the new build aspect when talking about installation. Because this is an existing room, the walls/ceiling are finished (as in textured/painted/etc). Is there an adhesive I can use that will allow me to bond the panels directly to the walls/ceiling as-is? If so, what would you recommend? If not, how should I go about prepping for the install? I'd obviously rather not tear down all of the drywall in the room and start over, so I'd really appreciate any suggestions that you may have. Of course, if that's my only option, then that's the direction I'll have to go.

Thanks for your help in advance!

- Eric

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Liquid Nails (for one) makes FRP ADHESIVE (available at HD and probably Lowes). It is available in one and (I think) three gallon containers. It is applied with a notched trowel. Directions state that "for best results: Surfaces must be structurally sound and dry, free of grease, dirt, dust, wallpaper, paint, or anything that would interfere with a bond". That said, I would contact the specific company or their local rep. to see if possiby a smooth (I'm pretty sure the texture part is out), primed surface is acceptable. Any deviation from the directions would void any warranty. I would also look into some sort of ventilation system if there's going to be that much moisture to contend with....
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