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Frost heave jambs my doors.

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I live north of Winnipeg, Canada.

Over the years I have converted the space between my house and my garage into a mud room. MY house is built perfectly well with no frost heave but, my garage is built on a slab that is suscepitble to frost heave every winter. So, the mud room that i have built between the house and the garage shifts greatly. In the mud room, I have 3 doors. The one attached to my house works perfectly. The two other doors in the mud room, one to the garage and one to the exterior, jamb up every winter. Is there a way to repair this?
Is there a way to build a "floating door" that is more flexible to the movement of my mudroom? Tearing down the garage and mud room and putting in new slabs below the frost line is out of the question.
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