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Front-load washer basket vibrating

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I've got a Frigidaire Gallery front-loading washer that I bought in 2005. It runs great, but today when it reached the final spin cycle, at the highest speed, the basket began to shake violently inside the tub (loaded and unloaded). It sounded and looked like it was banging around inside the tub. It did not do this at lower speeds. The tub it not moving around more than normal. I replaced the dampeners about 4 years ago and they're still fine.

I took the belt off and tested the drum and the motor. Spinning the drum made no noise - I expected some grinding from the bearings. The motor did produce some grinding which is probably bearings, but wouldn't cause the basket to shake.

I don't want to take it apart more until I have a better idea what to look for. Is it the bearings in the tub? Or is there something else I need to look for?

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Just a guess but open the door and look at the gap between the tub and the gasket. Now while looking at the same spot spin the tub slowly by hand. Does the gap stay the same. If it keeps changing then the spider shaft on the back of the drum is bad. (Bent). If the gap stays the same then disregard
I'm not familiar with how Frigidaire sells there parts. But you will have to split the drum and change the spider assembly on the back of the tub. I would definitely replace the seal where the shaft goes through, the gasket that splits the drum. And if I was doing it I would insist on the bearings being replaced as well. Now back to how Frigidaire sells the parts, some companies require that you change the back half of the tub. By that I mean you can't buy the parts separate. Its a lot easier that way though. And I'm assuming that you can buy the shaft (spider assembly) separate from the tub. It's really not that hard of a job if your mechanically inclined, just may take you a few hours. Some companies offer lifetime warranties on the tub and they come with a new spider assembly. Just for you info
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