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Hello, Y'all, just thought I would introduce myself and thank yous guys for some great info. I have three houses that I am working on to try and get ready to sell, or live in or finish up from a dissapointing contractor. As I often tell my wife "I'm a biologist, not a finish carpenter". Yet her expectations always impress me with her confidence in my abilities. I can do average work, most jobs, a grade of B. I just don't have the finish touch, maybe a C-. On these houses I am doing it all, carpentry, plumbing, electrical.

I have some dry wall to finish which will be the last I ever do. You definately need a finish eye for this work but what I have found is that the most important part is installing it square, level, flat-that will make the finish much better. My brother in law is famous for saying " you can patch that with a spackel" Good guy but-wrong. I was thinking about cutting the bottom of a pre hung door but now after reading some comments, I think I will try something else.

Thanks again, bros.

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Welcome aboard...a fellow traveller. I'm a zoologist, and my wife has a similar if misplaced confidence in my abilities.:laughing: My advice is to remember that the finish quality is proportional to the quality of the prep work. It's like painting a car - the paint doesn't count if the body work sucks.
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