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Frigidaire side-by-side Model FSC23F7DB3

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I need to replace the water actuator. Does anyone know how to remove the trim in order to access the actuator?
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unplug the fridge
remove the dip tray by sliding forward
remove screws that were under tray trim
gently work the whole outer panel up until the top comes unhooked
be careful with the low voltage wire harness connecting the pannel to the board
I usually let it hang because dis and reconnecting it take more work but be careful not to damage the harness, board or door
unscrew the 4 screws in the outter corners of the dispenser area
work the whole housing forward
try not the let the water line tip pull loose from the mounting hole in the housing, if it does you'll need to guide it back in with a small screw driver later
changing out the paddle can get tricky, you have to unscrew the small brackets on either side of the slot holding the top half of the paddle (use a magnetic tip)
trace and pull the led harness from the board
work the new paddle in from the bottom of the housing
reinstall the bracket screws
reroute the harness in the same place as the original to avoid it getting pinched or caught in the paddle and reconnect to board
work the housing back into place, don't force it, just make sure all wires and tabs are lining up
check that the tip of the water line is still in the housing
reassemble the rest
power up and test
then let everyone know that uses it that its not a gas pedal and pushing harder does not make the water flow faster :wink:

Its been awhile since I replace one so I hope this is accurate enough to help you through it
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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