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frige comparision

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looking for info on the better frige to buy LG Kenmore or samsung. anyone out there can advise me on there knowledge and experience on these units?
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I had to have my Kenmore repaired once last year. The repair man told me it was actually made by LG. "Supposedly" repairs for the LG were slim and hence the reasoning he didn't have parts.

As far a LG goes, we bought new LG washer and dryer about 1.5 years ago from Sears. Salesman told us he had seen fewer complaints/repair issues with the LG vs. the Kenmore.

Best of luck.

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I am a repairman and have been repairing appliances for about 15 years now. I also work for a GE dealer so I favor GE a little. But if I didn’t work for a GE dealer and I was in the market for a new refrigerator I wouldn’t consider any other brands besides GE or Whirlpool. Both are good products and both have had their problems and any refrigerator you get will break down but for the money I believe they are the best. The problem I have with Kenmore is that Kenmore doesn’t make anything. They have other companies make appliances for them and the average costumer won’t know who manufactured the appliance they are buying. There are not many LG refrigerators in the area I work in therefore, I haven’t had the opportunity to repair many. I think I have only worked on two so I don’t know enough about them to say anything good or bad about them

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The others pretty much spelled it out for you but I will add a little more to the mix. Like the electronics industry the appliance manufactures don't always make the equipment their name goes on, and is almost always true with the lower end market. Even the high end Hitachi has their cheap DVD player made by Fuani but command a better price because of their label and may be the same machine walmart sells for $25 under a different brand.

So for my rule of thumb if your are on the down low for the cheapest it really makes no difference what brand you buy, but the inverse is not always true either - remember Curtis Mathes* commanding huge money for televisions? their only edge was to offer a good warranty on the only part that would almost never fail, people ate it up and paid twice the price for a TV. There were only 3 manufactures of picture tubes in the world then and obviously all other brands used them too. The FCC finally told them to stop it.

For your better appliances always check the reviews, but only from reputable sources like a non-paid consumer reports and not from a highly bribed jdpowers or the likes. Also be cautious of customer based reports and reviews, they are usually too emotional and thus biased - I do read them but be aware that when a product works flawlessly there is very little reason for that person to venture to a review website.

As an example; if GE made one million refrigerators last year and 1% of them had a problem ranging from a bad compressor to a burned out light bulb then ten thousand people would clog google with bad reviews but the 990,000 people who were totaly happy never said a word.

disclaimer - GE and any other names used in this post are fictitious, any resemblance to an actual entity would be purely coincidental.

*they actually made some pretty good stuff.

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I've had good luck with Whirlpool over the years. Maytag used to be pretty good, but I heard it was bought out recently.

As stated above, it's really hard to tell who actually made anything these days.

Given your choices, I have very little experience with any of them, so I can't offer a recommendation.

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