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Fried wires in circuit breaker box

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In my breaker box I noticed today that some wires are charred, black, and halfway missing (see picture). Anyone know what would cause this and what should I do to fix it? Can I cut the wires and replace them?
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You need to upload a picture of the panel. What you have sounds very dangerous. So wheres the picture?
What's the brand name on that breaker?
Your very close to having a house fire.
Call a real electrition ASAP.
You need an electrician... NOW!
I've called a few and hopefully i can get someone out here today. should i just turn off the circuits going to those group of three wires or should i turn off all the power to the house?
all fixed! he used a smaller wire so I hope it is up to code.
all fixed! he used a smaller wire so I hope it is up to code.
The fix for that problem was not to use smaller wires. What did he document as the cause of the problem?
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all fixed! he used a smaller wire so I hope it is up to code.
are you being facetious?
he said that when they took the outer sheath off the wires they accidentally cut a small slit into the wires. Over time these opened up more and more.

He showed me where there were other cuts on the other wires going out of the box along the same "path" where the fried place was on the bad wires.
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THAT I can believe, but I am curious about using "smaller wire"...or does it just appear to be smaller wire?

Have any pics of the fix?
The wire just appears to be smaller, it could be the same size with better coating making it thinner. The new wire is the fourth wire from the top in this picture.

he ran a new wire from the breaker to the place where the wires were fried.

here is a picture of the fix:

notice the wire caps. Seems like there would be a better solution to connect the wires other than the wire caps.
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Not the way I would have done it, and I could argue that it doesn't meet code, but that would be nit picking. Looks safer now.
Great! Thanks for everyone's help!
It might be my age, but does anyone else have a problem with the OP's pictures? I cannot make out anything in those pictures. Add the red pointers and it really made it difficult to see.
New romex 12ga and 14ga appears smaller to the point that I double check the marking and with a wire gauge.
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