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I have a bauknecht fridge and the power cable came loose during transportation
As you can see in the following photos i dont know how to connect it to the relay
I think the S means Strom (Power) And the N is neutral and im not sure which goes where

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Thanks so much and have a nice day 馃榿

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Have you tried searching for bauknecht refrigerator wiring diagram? Model number would help, too.
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The Relay in question is a TX1CB which is used in "Laden Freezer, Whirlpool Refrigerator, Whirlpool Freezer, Ikea Refrigerator" .
Whirlpool manufactures Bauknecht
The wiring diagram of any of these showing this relay should assist.

This relay is pictured in Relais+klixon tx1cb = ad55bu10 pour Refrigerateur Whirlpool
The Earth/Ground connection appears to be a longer "Lug" and is marked with the Earth/Ground symbol - but the plastic has been broken near the centre of this symbol and that "Lug" may be "adrift".
The relay appears to be mounted on a plastic "Cord Clamp" but this is difficult to see in the photos.
The strain on the supply cord has wrenched this "Cord Clamp" to damage the relay (and the Earth "Lug" ?)

If the plastic of the relay cannot be repaired, (???) a new relay will be necessary.

You may receive greater assistance from the UK site of Electrics Outside of the UK
Someone there may have this (or a similar product).

The "Model" number would also certainly help.
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